Welcome to Ace Driving Academy

Offering Driver Ed in Warsaw and surrounding areas in Indiana*

“Our mission is to teach every student the skills necessary for a lifetime of safe and responsible driving.”

At ACE Driving Academy we can offer you:

Innovative instruction for one of the most important skills learned during your entire lifetime.

…as well as…

An owner who has a personal interest in the instruction provided to his students. Not only is he an instructor — but also a coach, business professional and most importantly a parent of five children. Safety, defensive driving and emergency awareness along with the importance of responsibility are instinctively taught to all students as if he were teaching his own children.


We have experience in providing classroom instruction in a variety of school settings from a small, rural school classrooms to a large, city classroom size. Our instructors have taken these experiences to create an atmosphere of positive, interesting, innovative educational learning.


We are also proud to offer parents and students the best in online driver education for those families who need more scheduling flexibility. Students take their thirty hour course on any computer with Internet access whenever they are available. Online courses, like classroom course are limited to a maximum of three hours per day.


We are certified to offer the Drive Test to qualified students**. This convenient option can save you the time and headache of going back to the BMV. Contact Us for more information.

(*) We have classrooms in Plymouth and Warsaw. Students in surrounding areas should call the main number for information on Online Driver Education, Classroom courses in Plymouth or Warsaw and Behind the Wheel lessons in your area.

(**) A Qualified student means: a student must have completed the full course with a passing grade (80%+) in both driving & classroom/online and have not let their permit expire.

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